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  • Our offer, a free report on the size and demographics of the market in terms of readers and geography.  It might not help you at a micro level, but the make of the market might surprise you.

  • AND a free one to one intro consultation on the service of your choice: your own market research, your web site, your advertising, your Unique Selling Points (USPs).

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Why do you need our offer?

Our Offer

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  • Are you a practicing Medium not earning enough? Could you sell more readings?


  • If you are training with Marc Stuart we provide services like these as part of the total six month fee.


  • Already a skilled Medium? Boost your income with our Marketing and Business Services. We once secured a client a $6,500 customer within 36 hours of joining us.

Market Research
  • Tap into the $12.8 billion US and $23.4 billion global market. How much is yours?

  • Wondering why your share is small? You need to talk to us.

  • Download our free report for expert insights into the market, and let us help you master your local market!

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Marc worked in Market Research for Ipsos for over 12 years.


Tap into 35+ Million Facebook Users

with Interests in Readings.

  • Social Reach Limits: The era of wide organic reach is over. Facebook's sophisticated platform demands expert navigation.

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes: Facebook advertising is easy to get wrong. Don't waste money—hire an expert.

  • Strategic Ad Structure: Ads must be meticulously crafted to meet your objectives.

  • Master Audience Design: Generic targeting fails. We excel in crafting precise, effective audience profiles for optimal engagement.

Marc Stuart Medium Psychic Marketing Facebook Advertising

Do You Have a Website?

If So, How Well Does It Perform?

  • Capture More Bookings: Your website is essential for online visibility and bookings. Is yours up to the task?

  • Performance Check: Not wowing the world with your website? Let us assess and report back on its performance.

  • Expertise and Recognition: We're a recognized agency with Wix, a global leader in web hosting.

  • SEO Success Stories: We boosted a client to dominate Google search—41 of the top 45 listings!

What are your Unique Selling Points (USPs)?

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Why should clients choose your readings? Dive deep to discover your true allure.

  • Reflection Session: Book a time with us. Let's reflect together and uncover the USPs you see and those you might overlook.

  • Truthful Insights: Gaze into our truthful mirror. We'll ask the pivotal questions to reveal what truly sets you apart.

  • The Magic of Your USPs: Not all USPs are created equal. Find out if yours have the enchantment to thrive in this vast market.


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