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Meet Doug Edwards your marketing consultant.

Hi, I’m Doug. I serve as the Marketing and Training Consultant for Marc Stuart Medium. With a long-standing background in customer service roles, I am well-equipped to understand and support your career journey as a medium. My mission is to help you navigate both your current and future aspirations in this unique field.


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Although I don't live in Scotland, I am fully aware of its rich history in golf, almost as fascinating, though less well-known, as its history with spiritualism. Scotland is not just the birthplace of golf but also a significant hub for spiritualism, where the deep cultural roots of both practices have flourished over centuries.


Unlike many of my colleagues at Marc Stuart Medium, I do not participate in circles. However, I have had the opportunity to observe Marc and his students at work, and their talents and dedication never cease to amaze me. I will help you determine if mediumship is a suitable option for you and how best we can support you in achieving your professional mediumship goals.


I am based in the Midlands, UK, where I reside with my wife and our two cats, Bill and Ted. When I'm not working, I enjoy attempting to play golf, even if my skills are still a work in progress. I look forward to connecting with you soon and exploring how we can support your journey together.


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